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How Can You Cut Your Pool Heating Bill By Up To 82% Or More?

Go GeoThermal with Symbiont

  • Unaffected by air temperature
  • Our GeoThermal solution substantially outperforms solar heating systems and air source heat pumps
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Serving the Whole State of Florida
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Pool Heated by GeoThermal


Symbiont GeoThermal Heat Pump

our own high quality, high performance, dedicated water-to-water package heat pump

The SYMBIONT™ is designed to provide high performance operation on private and public pools and spas.

Like gas, the SYMBIONT™ is totally unaffected by outdoor weather conditions.

The SYMBIONT™ is competitively priced with both solar heating systems and air source heat pumps. The operating costs are substantially less than any air source available. When cost of operation and dependability are considered the SYMBIONT™ has no equal.

When the pool pump is running, and on demand of the thermostat, the SYMBIONT™ pool heater and source water pump are energized to heat the pool.

Like any heat pump, the SYMBIONT™ uses a refrigerant vapor compression cycle to extract free heat from one place (the heat source, either a well, a lake, or canal) and deliver it to another (the pool or spa). All you pay for is the electricity used by the compressor and pumps.

  • Features (Titanium Model)
  • Modular Design with Easy Piping and Wiring Access
  • Painted Aluminum Cabinets with Raised-Base Aluminum Chassis
  • Insulated for Quiet Operation
  • High Efficiency Scroll Compressor with Inherent Motor-Protector
  • Titanium Tube-Fiberglass Shell Condenser Heat Exchangers
  • Coaxial Marine Cupronickel Evaporator Heat Exchangers
  • Refrigerant Liquid Receiver and Filter/Drier
  • Refrigerant Sight-Glass with Moisture Indicator
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  • High and Low Pressure Switches
  • Time Delay Compressor Protectors
  • Electronic Digital Pool/Spa Thermostat
  • Factory Installed Reverse-Cycle Summer Pool Cooling
  • ARL or ETL Listed/Approved

Electrical Service

We are state licensed for electrical installations and service. We specialize in Commercial and Residential pool heaters. With Symbiont Service Corp., there is no need to subcontract your electrical requirements for pool heating or air conditioning any more.

Case Studies

Village Walk of Sarasota saved over $57,000.00 the first year of their installation

Village Walk of Sarasota saved over $57,000.00
the first year of their installation!
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Green – Responsible: environmentally friendly alternative to gas; heat transfer, not heat generation; minimal carbon footprint and no toxic or noxious emissions



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